Tips to Choosing Home Furniture Removals Company

The level of physical and mental challenge needed to transport your property from your old place to the new one shouldn’t be underestimated. If you tons of things to move, or a lot of valuable items to transport, like furniture pieces or breakable items, it’s best to book a home removal company to take the load off your shoulders, so you’d be able to focus on thinking about the other aspects of the move.-

Get Quotations

Get at least three quotes from different removal companies. Make sure you do this ahead of time. Consider important things such as: the type of service offered, the professional fee, and when they can conduct the move. To make things easier and more convenient, many larger home removal companies offer a packing service. Many provide instant quotations online, but it’s way better to get a detailed quote. Most firms send out one of the staff members to assess everything that should be moved. This results in a more precise quotation.

Plan Well in Advance

If you can, provide the removal firm with the details of your new home’s access points and outline or layout, so they know what to expect once they arrive. For example, how many stair cases are in there, are there other entrance and exit points, will your pieces of furniture fit through the doors?

Be Insured

Most moving firms provide their clients with moving insurances against loss or damage of your things while they’re in transit. Be sure you have this insurance before booking anyone. Also, you should contact the insurer of the items inside your home for you to find out if your existing insurance plan will insure your things while they’re being moved.

Negotiate on the Price

Ask if you can get special discount. You should be aware that moving at peak times, like on holidays or on Saturdays, will cost more, since the demand is often high on these times. If possible, schedule your move on a typical weekday.-

Get a Recommendation

A positive recommendation from one of your good friends or family members could be considered the best way to pick a removalist. This will greatly reduce your uncertainty about service expectations, since you can be reasonably certain about their services with other clients. If you don’t get any recommendation to base your decision from, trust your instincts and choose a home removal firm that has shown friendliness, professionalism and competence, and helpfulness when you contact them.

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